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Blogger (formerly Blogspot) is a blogging platform by Google. It is the main competitor of Wordpress (a similar service).
GitLab is a web-based version control system manager for git repositories. Users can host their own instance, or sign up for an account on GitLab. It is one of the main competitors of GitHub (a similar service owned by Microsoft). The service is commonly used by software, and web developers.
GAG (GirlsAskGuys) is a Q&A website for receiving insights from the opposite sex. It also allows for general Q&A found on sites like Yahoo! Answers.
Reddit is a forum-like social media platform which allows users to create sub-categories known as "subreddits" (or "subs").
DeviantArt (Archived)
DeviantArt is a social media platform where artists can post their work, request critiques, find inspiration, and even sell prints.
YouTube (Archived)
YouTube is the world's most popular free video hosting platform. While it's user base continues to grow, many would argue the golden age of YouTube is long passed.

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